Your Medical Team


In Chatham-Kent, you will be part of a community-wide team of medical professionals who give their all to provide the best patient-centred care: Family Health Teams, full service hospital, Community Health Centres, Hospice, Specialists and health system partners.

You can work in a team setting.

Family physicians have the opportunity to provide comprehensive care in interprofessional, team-based settings, including special interests. Family Health Teams and Community Health Centres also offer Family Physicians a back-up service so you can vacation, take advantage of Continuing Education and have more flexible work-life schedules.

You have the option to provide inpatient care.

Family Physicians can choose whether or not to provide care for patients in hospital.

You will enjoy having easy access to health consultants, both locally and regionally.

Servicing the community is Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, a 200-bed community hospital that serves the residents of Chatham and rural Kent, including Walpole Island and Delaware First Nations. CKHA delivers quality and safe care at its two sites in Chatham and Wallaceburg.

Chatham-Kent Family Physicians also utilize a full range of health care consultants and community services to provide the highest quality, comprehensive care to their patients.


Medical Careers that make a full life.

Live it 360° in Chatham-Kent